Grain and compound feed
Carving wood

The “Zanus-Ar” Company was created in the Russian market in 2008. Since that time (during that period) our company has developed from a little trade firm into one of the biggest companies in the Astrakhan region.

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Import (from Iran to Russia)

Our company is ready to import building materials (cement, brick) , food products (pistachios, raisin, dates). Those goods are available for sale within the whole year.

We are ready to offer other types of products under the contract as per client’s order.

We guarantee the quality of goods, the minimal time of delivery, best prices and the highest quality of service.

We are the stable and responsible company.

Export (from Russia to Iran)

We are interested in cooperation with Russian trade companies, carrying out sales to Islamic Republic of Iran of such goods as grains ( wheat, corn), carving wood, metal, vegetable oil ( butter, soy oil).

You can find on our web-site other types of goods which are exported in Iran.

We are pleased to consider all offers of cooperation. We are ready to accept your request at any time convenient for you.